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Firefighters Diet & Exercise

Firefighters Diet & Exercise

Firefighters can be role models not only to the many children who look up to them as heroes, but also to men and women of all ages who want a structured plan for eating healthy and staying in shape. Firefighters from around the country have created their own daily fitness and diet routines. These programs were all designed to help firefighters stay in shape, and after sharing them with the public the authors of firefighter fitness books and magazines have implemented their programs across the country.

Fire Jock

    Juliet Draper of the Colorado Springs Fire Department edits an online firefighter fitness magazine called Fire Jock. The magazine publishes articles on fitness and diet, and also includes a sample week-long diet plan from Juliet. Juliet advocates a diet of low-carb, protein-rich food that includes protein in the form of soy or meat at every meal. The diet also includes snacks between meals and 96 ounces of water per day to keep you hydrated during your firefighters diet and exercise regimen. Fire Jock even includes diet tips for getting adequate sleep when off-duty, suggesting that you refrain from drinking caffeine for six hours prior to sleep and that you avoid alcohol and sleeping pills.

The Engine 2 Diet

    Another firefighter fitness publication is the Engine 2 Diet, a book by Rip Esselstyn. Rip is a firefighter from Austin, Texas, who implemented this 28-day plan with his local firefighters when he realized that many of them had dangerously high levels of cholesterol. This firefighters diet and exercise plan targets lower cholesterol and uses a plant-based diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans to provide firefighters with a high-protein diet that isnt high in fats and oils. The Engine 2 Diet includes 125 recipes for cooking healthy, low-cholesterol food, as well as menu guidelines for choosing healthy options when eating out.

The Firefighter's Workout Book

    The Firefighters Workout Book, by personal trainer and New York City firefighter Michael Stefano, focuses on 30-minute daily exercise routines for firefighter fitness. The Firefighters Workout is designed to balance strength training, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility with step-by-step workouts included for each area. The book also includes chapters on goal setting and charts for keeping track of your progress to make achieving goals realistic. The diet portion of the book focuses on eating a balanced diet of nutrition-rich foods, and includes sample meal plans to combine with your firefighters workout.


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